Aroma treatment

Aromatherapist "Ayako" will make a perfect aroma blend for you and do a healing energy treatment. You’ll be really relaxed taking on aroma magic.

  Aroma Treatment
      ¥4,000(60min)  ¥6,000(90min)
  Aroma&Voice healing Treatment
      ¥4,000(60min) ¥6,000(90min) ¥9,000(120min)   
  Dreams come true special
  Aroma&Voice Healing Treatment

Each time includes the one making a perfect aroma blend for you


I was born in Tokyo, Japan.I've had my own aromatherapy salon there for more than 15 years. Then I moved to Yakushima in 2017. I’m singing to the mountains, the rocks and the trees when I go hiking in Yakushima.  The resonance makes me feel “love of the earth”.  And also it gives me plenty of “Yakusima's magic” experiences. Those things changed my life completely in great ways.  I’m looking forward to shareing “Yakushima’s magic and Aroma magic” with you.


My salon is located 10km south of Anbo. The nearest bus stop is "Hotogawa" which is 5 minutes walk from the salon.


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Voice healing at powerspot

During this session Ayako, a voice sound healer, will take you to the place where she is directed to go on that special day.  Once Ayako gives voice sound healing and special energy healing for you, you will feel the resonance, connection with the earh. Furthermore when Ayako guides your true voice resonate with the earth, you will feel the love of the earth deeply and it will help your life (love&marriage, lifework,etc.) shine.

      ¥6,000(2 hours)  ¥10,000(4 hours)
   We might walk in the woods for 10minutes to 1 hours.

  This session includes voice sound healing and energy work with aromatherapy.
  If there are more than 2 people in your group Ayako will give you a discount.
  Ayako will be happy to pick you up at your hotel.